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Skulla ‘Ego’ (ft. Bex)

As heard on Netflix’s Blood & Water, Johannesburg based DJ-producer Skulla releases a tune for the ages. ‘Ego’, featuring Port Elizabeth vocalist Bex, is a wonderous atmospheric journey through our deepest fears and emotions.

Although her profession is in design and fine arts, with a passion of illustration, Bex has a colourful history in music. She played trombone in her early career falling in love with jazz. This infused into her vocal style which tends to dip into blues and jazzy textures. She started of singing solo, then joined a local band called Well Done Sun, She’s worked under local greats: Ryan Murgatroyd, Nonku Phiri and Wesley Keet. She’s recorded for and with Bakai in the Red Bull Studios, and performed live with them at Shimmy Beach, opening for Goldfish.

“This track captures that beautiful moment you have with yourself. Arms up, slow motion dancing weird or crying your eyes out.Bex sounds like a voice of reason. Delicate, robust and deliberate.

Skulla’s production gives us a dreamscape that delivers that fleeting moment of peace on repeat.

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