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Ronehi & MOJO AF ‘Galactic’

‘Galactic’ is Ronehi’s debut as an artist-producer, coming two years after receiving his first producer credits on the hit single “Chop Life Crew” by MOJO AF featuring Prettyboy D-O.

On ‘Galactic’, long-time collaborators and friends, MOJO AF and Ronehi link-up to create a fun track that celebrates life as it is, and what it can be. The record aligns with the “jaiye times two” ideology first presented to us in “Chop Life Crew” – work hard, play harder.

Ronehi delves into the amapiano space with this one, using soft chords over heavy drums and bass to create a realm that encourages listeners to tap into their own galactic frequency. Of course, Orisa delivers the message of the song with a smooth blend of Yoruba and English, reminding listeners of all the ways in which he continues to chop life.

Paired with the lyrics, the Chop Life Crew affiliates have created an uptempo yet mellow record, leveraging the same synergy that has empowered the release of tracks like “Hurricane” and “Hulabalu” that were released in previous years. As the pair continue to work towards the release of their joint EP, Sensimilla and Galactic are an early peek into what they have in store.

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