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Tim Lyre ‘Hubris’ (ft. Lex Amor)

Kicking off the year at OS, Tim Lyre explores Greek mythology on new single ‘Hubris’, featuring North London rapper of Nigerian descent Lex Amor. On this track, Tim basks in the excitement of existing on a larger-than-life frequency. Tim beautifully weaves words about his self-acclaimed goated status while Lex Amor levels it up with whispery, introspective yet self-assured lyrics on the slow tempo tune produced by Tim himself.

The cover art evokes the Greek mythology of Icarus, having his wings burned from flying too close to the sun. Tim plays on this theme with lyrics like “It’s just facts n*gga, this ain’t hubris”, dissociating his self-confidence from excessive pride.

In Tim’s words; “Hubris is one of my personal favourites. It’s a song to inspire confidence. I had been going through a period of self doubt. This song kind of reminded me I was on the right path. Also couldn’t have asked for a better feature than Lex Amor, she was floating on the track.”

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